Savannah, GA: RVTV

RVTV contacted us several months ago about doing an interview/filming while we were on the road for their upcoming eco-travel segment. Of course, we were thrilled to be able to spread the love and branch out to a wider audience! Our schedules just happened to align perfectly to meet up near Savannah, GA. We did the interviews over 2 days and we had a blast getting to know Rob (the host) and Paul (the cameraman extraordinaire), and can’t wait to see the show, which will air sometime this summer (stay tuned for details!). During the shoot, I made some green smoothies and raw chocolate brownies for them…I think they were surprised and delighted that they tasted really good! :)

We spent 3 days on Tybee Island…enjoying the beach (which was just 3 blocks from the campground). It was a very relaxing stop…time to catch up on some family time (of just the three of us!) and to enjoy Savannah. We didn’t spend too much time in town, however, because it was also St. Patrick’s Day, and Savannah has the 2nd largest celebration in the U.S. after Boston. It was a little busy out there! We were able to check out the Brighter Day Foods (tiny, but fabulous!) and Kao Thai Cuisine. Be sure to check out both on your next trip to Savannah!

Photo album here.


  1. So cool you guys are going to be on that episode!

    Savannah has got to be one of my favorite cities that we’ve been to. It’s so stately, elegant and just mellow. It was our first real introduction to the true spirit of the south, and we loved it.

    Comment by Rene — March 29, 2008 @ 3:57 pm

  2. We were planning a trip this summer and had Tybee island on our route but changed our vacation route for money reasons. Someday though we are going to make it to Tybee island. I had never heard of the place til recently but it sounded like such a nice place!

    Comment by abby — April 7, 2008 @ 12:05 pm

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