Update from Iowa

Just wanted to drop in here quickly and let you know that we haven’t dropped off the face of the earth! :) I will soon be writing a longer update and will continue to blog about our West Coast adventures. But for now, I wanted to let you know a few things:

*We’re in Iowa. Contrary to where I am at in my blogging (currently Los Angeles!)…we have settled down in the heartland for some rest and relaxation. Well, of course that was the original plan…but we’ve been rather busy!

*We are soon heading to Colorado and have demos in Omaha and Denver. Stay tuned for more details.

*Yes, I will be posting photos of the new RV soon. How soon? I’m not sure…but soon. :) We’re still building a few things and putting on the finishing touches. It’s been great though…we love the extra space and smoother ride.

*I am now working part time as my mom and dad’s personal assistant…which is GREAT because I can do it from anywhere in the country and it’s a steady paycheck. Yay! However…right now it’s taking up most of the limited free time I have. It won’t always be that way…just right now while I catch up on things. My photography business also keeps me hoppin’… it’s such a blessing to do what I love for a living!

*Matt’s been busy working at my parent’s stores doing maintenance, training new managers, etc. He’s also learning all the ins and outs of our new RV and enjoying every minute of it.

*We’re still planning on traveling this next year, but as of right now…we’ll be taking the year “off” to decompress, mentally process everything we’ve done and seen this last year…and work on writing some eBooks. We’re going to go back to our favorite spots, but won’t be doing as many demos/stops as last year.

*I haven’t been blogging as frequently on any of my blogs (rest assured, I will resume soon!), but if you want to find out what we’re up to…check out our Flickr photostream (which usually has a few photos of where we are currently living) and my Twitter account. And…if you’re reading this in a blog feeder/reader, you might not realize that I do also update our current location on our home page (not the blog).

Thank you so much for “following along” on our journey…and for being so patient. More to come!

Crickets and Future Thoughts

There is a cool breeze coming through the RV tonight and the crickets are making their presence known…along with some frogs and other noisy night animals :) A freight train just rattled by for a few minutes…and we’re parked so close to the tracks that the RV swayed back and forth the entire time it was passing. We are settled in for the night just north of Mt. Vernon/Burlington, WA. It was a beautiful day today…super sunny and 70. FINALLY SOME SUN! These last couple of weeks have been heavy with decision-making and ideas of our future as well as demos, photo sessions, new friends, good food, mountains, and beaches. We have so much to share with you … exciting news and fun developments. But you’ll just have to wait a bit until it’s all ironed out. :) So don’t go away!

I am still editing photos and getting blogs ready from Texas, Arizona, and all the way up the West Coast. There are so many adventures and amazing sights just waiting to jump from my hard drive into the blogosphere…I am looking forward to a little more down time over the next couple of months to catch up with it all and process this year’s journey.

Hope you all had a great weekend and a meaningful Father’s Day. More to come soon…