Lexington, SC: Mike and Aimee

We arrived in Lexington, SC on a beautiful afternoon…greeted by little faces anxious to see a big blue bus arrive in their driveway! Aimee and her crew were ready and waiting and helped us get settled…we felt so welcome (especially when we walked in and saw this!). Aimee is the amazing mama who writes the blog Living, Loving, and Learning Simply (which I know many of you read faithfully!). She is every bit as amazing in person…and her house just as organized! Mike and Aimee were previously on staff with Campus Crusade for 10 years before moving to Lexington.

Soon after we got there, people started arriving for the potluck (including Mike…husband to Aimee and loving daddy to the clan!). We had a delicious spread of goodies and great fellowship. We met so many wonderful, passionate people and had a such fun talking late into the night about everything from raw food to travel to ministry. We had the chance to meet Rebecca and her family…Rebecca was a huge help during our planning process and helped to set up our demo location at 14 Carrot. We also met Bjorn and Michelle and their daughter, India. This lovely couple met in India doing ministry and are now in nursing school. I had the opportunity to capture them before we left town.

Aimee and Mike took us out for a DELICIOUS meal at Miyos. The veggies there were the freshest I’ve ever seen! It was great. The kids all had a fun time learning how to use chopsticks. After that, Aimee and I headed downtown to Earthfare, where the Holistic Moms Network Open House was being held. I talked with some really fun moms there, and even got a free chair massage. Aahhhhhh! Bliss. I enjoyed a fresh carrot, juice at their juice bar and went grocery shopping before we headed out into the raging thunderstorm. We barely made it back to the house before the electricity went out and stayed out for quite awhile! Luckily, our solar bank powered our 12 volt power and we continued to have electricity (and our generator would have powered us beyond that)…one of the joys of RV living! Of course, we might have blown away in the storm, but at least we would have lights on inside to enjoy the ride!

Our demo in Lexington was at 14 Carrot, a locally owned health food store. Ed and his team welcomed us and we got set up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had an extensive raw foods/ingredients section. I was able to pick up 3 different varieties of dates from The Date People, raw carob powder, and other raw goodies. I was in raw heaven! During the demo, we had the chance to meet some truly wonderful people! Gwen and her kiddos came by to say hello. Gwen has read my blog for quite awhile and it was so great to meet her face to face! She made Bella and I the cutest grocery bags from t-shirts…Bella asks to use hers everyday. :)

We also had the chance to talk for several hours to Melissa and her 3 boys, as well as Katie and her 2 girls. Both of them are into raw food…in fact Melissa and her family have been raw for over a year! It was so cool to see a family who is passionate about raw foods and is so full of life and energy. Her boys were so excited when I pulled the dates out of the fridge! What fun. Katie and her husband just got back from a year at IHOP in Kansas City and we had a nice time talking about their experience there. That’s the International House of Prayer, not the restaurant! :) I’ve been in contact with these mamas back and forth a few times since leaving Lexington. It’s so fun when we connect that way randomly at a demo…God brings us such beautiful people on this journey.

While we were there, Matt spent pretty much every day, all day working on Mike and Aimee’s master bathroom, which he tore down a wall and installed white bead board throughout. It’s now a gorgeous getaway for Aimee and she loves it. Matt LOVES doing projects…so if you have some (and you’re on our tour route), contact us.

Bella had so much fun playing with Aimee and Mike’s kids…they are a delightful and inquisitive bunch. We especially had fun doing a little mini yoga/stretching class in the backyard in the sunshine and playing on their swing set. Bella also loved all of their princess “gear” and good DVD’s!

Our time in Lexington, SC was so relaxing and filled to the brim with new friends. And now we’re off to another South Carolina gem…Charleston!

Photo album of all the good times here.

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  1. I have been so looking forward to seeing and hearing your pictures and thoughts on your visit to Aimee’s. I love the insights and gentle spirit on her blog! I am so glad you had a good visit. :)

    Comment by Laurel Sauls — March 21, 2008 @ 12:24 pm

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