Spring Hill, TN: Matt and Jessie

Vintage Remedies is a sponsor of our tour…so we were very excited to pull into Spring Hill, TN and meet Jessie…our “herbalist on the road”! We got the RV parked and headed inside, where Jessie made us the most delicious coffees :) Yum! It made me want to find an RV-size espresso machine! Bella was anxiously awaiting for the arrival of “the kids” from school…and when they did get there, it was crazy! :)

Friends began to arrive for supper…and we enjoyed some yummy homemade pizza while the kids played and played. We loved talking with all of their friends…so many like-minded folks. Good times.

We’ve been so happy with Jessie’s sponsorship…she is a really terrific herbalist, and has been such a help to us. If you are looking to get more familiar with holistic medicine for you and/or your family, but don’t know where to start…do check out her site. She does long-distance consulting and also has a correspondence Master Herbalist course. The course is taught with a Christian worldview and is really informative. She’s offering a free aromatherapy cleaning kit if you purchase the course before Dec. 20.

Photo album here.

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