Annapolis, MD: Life on the Water

I “met” Cindy many years ago on the Mothering….I was fascinated by her boat-dwelling life and had corresponded with her several times. When we were planning the tour, I knew we had to hook up with her family in Annapolis! Cindy has lived “on the water” for the last 10 years…most recently in a 44 foot catamaran with her husband, Doug, and her 3 year old son, Zach. AND of course, we can’t forget their dog…affectionately referred to as “Schooner-dog”.

We had so much fun hanging out with another family who understands what it means to truly live small. I was really surprised at how much space they do have in the boat. The exterior is very deceiving…but there are so many great nooks and crannies down below. The kids had the most fun exploring it all. They were like little monkeys…climbing and hanging on everything they could get their hands on.

We parked the RV in the marina parking area and on Sunday morning, awoke to the sun glistening off the water…and beautiful boats all lined up in the harbor. This is probably one of my favorite things about RV life…having a different view everyday. The night before, we had attended a wedding “party” of their friends across the dock. We enjoyed meeting their friends and seeing another beautiful catamaran.

Cindy and Doug have traveled the world (and have plans to go again!)…and have the stories to prove it. You can read about one of their adventures in the book , The World is a Kitchen…in which she was a contributor. This family was a delight to visit and we enjoyed their company so much.

Photo album here.


  1. Just having fun looking around your site. It is quite an adventure to take on. My husband and two year old boy and I have been in a fifth wheel for 8 months now. We are now getting ready to call it quits. We did a great tour of the Northwest, but the truth is, it was just too difficult for us. Glad to hear you are loving it! It truly is extraordinary!

    Comment by Beth Enniss — November 29, 2007 @ 10:00 am

  2. Good for Cindy and Doug for living on the water. I have a couple friend that had a sweet slip in Sausalito, CA, and when they got pregnant, they couldn’t deal so they went back to a stick house.

    Comment by Rene — December 1, 2007 @ 6:02 pm

  3. I actually found out about this article in the New York Times through Crunchy Chicken’s Blog and came by to leave you a comment. Wow, you are famous! :)
    Enjoy the notoriety!

    Comment by Laurel Sauls — May 20, 2008 @ 9:49 am

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