Ann Arbor, MI: The People’s Food Coop

We had been warned by many people about the parking in Ann Arbor…it’s non-existent. Everyone walks, bikes, or rides the bus…which is GREAT! However, it makes it very hard to park a 32 foot RV on a busy day in the middle of the Farmer’s Market rush. Luckily…Kevin at People’s Food Coop knew what he was doing, and he masterfully had enough spots blocked off with employee cars and we stealthily replaced them with the RV and then plugged meters. Whew! It was definitely one of the more harrowing parking episodes on the tour so far :)

The People’s Food Coop is a busy place…especially over the lunch hour. Along with a fancy little fair trade coffee bar, they also have a hot bar and salad bar…delicious eats abound! Homemade soups, rice and beans, sloppy joe tempeh, steamed kale….the list could go on and on. It was great.

We had the RV open for tours…and talked with an interesting mixture of people who were on their way back to work, out with kids, or just in town as tourists. We even met another greaser with a Golden Fuel Systems setup…awwwww just like family :)

Photo album here.

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