Milwaukee, WI: The Plamann Family

We spent our last night in Milwaukee, with Mark and Chris and their daughters Rachel and Ellie. We felt an immediate connection with them…and felt so at ease while we were there. Chris is a professional photographer…and I have conversed with her many times online and have followed her amazingly creative work. It was great to be able to sit down with her and pick her brain about all different kinds of photo geekiness.

When we first arrived, we headed up the steps to their adorable house…and chatted inside for awhile before heading out to a nearby seminary to take some photos. She did a little photo shoot of us with the RV. After that, we came back and had some delicious pizza from a local pizza place. Yum! They had several friends over as well, so we got to meet a lot of new people! At one point, I think the kids outnumbered the adults! Or maybe it just felt that way… :)

Bella, Rachel, and their friend, Oliver had so much fun playing together later in the evening…watching Curious George while the mommies and daddies sat downstairs and chatted . It was a delightful night, with great conversation. If you are in Milwaukee…be sure to hire Chris for your next photo session…you will be sooooo happy you did!

Photo album here.

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