Madison, WI: BioTour

When you are on a journey like ours, you get really excited about other people doing the same type of thing. When we came across the BioTour, we knew that we just had to meet up with them! Our paths crossed in Madison, and we were able to tour their bus and talk with them about their journey thus far. They have converted a school bus…so they “ride” a bit different than us, but it was so fun to compare notes.

We were so encouraged by their spirit and their vision for the future of their tour. Ethan, Alan, and Jenny (Fernando wasn’t yet on the tour) are true adventurers. Each brings their own diverse experiences and talents to the tour. You’ll see what I mean when you read their bio page. When you spend time with people who are out to change the world…you can’t help but be inspired. Keep spreadin’ the love BioTour! Weeeeeeee!

Check them out when they are in your area…and be sure to read their hilarious and insightful blog.

Photo album here.

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