The New York Times
“The Green RV”
by Linda Baker

Plenty Magazine
“Veggie Oil Voyage”
by Rachel Mosteller

RVTV on The Outdoor Channel
Featured: Live Lightly Tour

E Magazine
“Little Boxes: The New Movement to Seriously Downsize Our Homes”
by Kristin Bender

Wired Magazine
“Take Your Job and Shove It..Into an Airstream”
by Sonia Zjawinski

Re-Nest: Abundant Design for Green Homes
“Green Home: The Live Lightly Tour”

WDBJ7 | Roanoke, Virginia
“Family Traveling in Veggie Oil Powered RV”

by Bob Grebe

KSAT | San Antonio, Texas
“Green RV Uses Restaurant Grease For Fuel”

Alternative Fuels on
The Live Lightly Tour
by Scott Gable

Des Moines Register

“Iowans Roam America, Fueled By Veggie Oil
by Erin Crawford

100 ways to save the planet: How to drive a greasel-powered automobile
by Brianne Sanchez

Apartment Therapy: San Francisco
The Janssen Family’s Roving Abode

KNXV | Phoenix, AZ
“Living ‘green’ doesn’t have to cost a lot in the Valley”
by Tony Arranaga

The New York Times
“Chasing Utopia, Family Imagines No Possessions”
by Rachel Mosteller

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