Doyline, LA: Lake Bisteneau State Park

We had a long drive ahead of us as we headed toward Texas…so we decided to break it up into 2 legs. Knowing that Bella’s birthday was on April 7, we decided to make that day a family day and spend a few days at Lake Bisteneau State Park, just outside of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Lake Bisteneau turned out to be a beautiful, quiet state park with a great price tag (only $16 a night!). Nearly every site had a large wooden deck on it, and all the roads were newly paved and perfect for a little girl with training wheels :)

We settled in for the night and got up early next morning to celebrate Bella’s fourth birthday. We surprised her by decorating the inside of the RV with pink streamers and balloons. She got to open up her presents right away, and then we got all the bikes ready for a ride and went to the playground. While we were there, we received several phone calls and emails about urgent tour-related business and had to drive the 25 miles into town to take care of a few things. Sometimes I think it would be really nice to have satellite internet!

When we got back, we made a raw strawberry pie, at Bella’s request, put that in the fridge to chill…and headed back out on another bike ride, this time with Bella in the Burley. When we got back, we held the candle lighting ceremony outside and we each grabbed a fork and dug into the pie! Yum! Bella had us re-light the candles 3 times for her to blow them out again. When we got back into the camper, she re-wrapped a couple of her presents again too…just for the thrill of it!

It was a really peaceful couple of days…they only thing is that we are still itching all the mosquito bites we got while staying there! Our campsite was right next to the lake (aka “the swamp”) and the mosquitoes were deadly!

Off to Austin!

Photo album here.