Birmingham, AL: Ryan and Meredith

We knew nothing at all about Birmingham, Alabama when we arrived … but quickly found that it’s a fun college town with huge views and lots of flowering trees! The minute we parked at Ryan and Meredith’s house, we smelled the flowers! Purple wisteria and white dogwood trees…gorgeous!

Bella was a happy girl to find out that this stop had a little girl to play with as well. This little girl was Audrey…and she had really fun toys and dress up clothes…a play kitchen and a new swing set with a sand box. A dream come true! It took Bella about 2 seconds to get off the RV and over to their swings!

The night we arrived, Meredith made a delicious homemade tomato basil soup and we enjoyed conversation over dinner and afterwards we watched the girls play in all their silliness. Every 5 minutes they would come out with a new outfit on…costume changes were an integral part of their time together :) They danced up a storm while Matt played the ABC’s and 5 Little Monkeys on the guitar. Fun times :)

On Thurs. night, I had the opportunity to shoot some stock photos for MPower in Birmingham. Ryan is the Executive Director of MPower, an inner city ministry. The night I went, they were providing free medical care for those who needed it. After that, Meredith and Ryan took us out to a delicious Thai restaurant near downtown Birmingham. So tasty. After we came back home, we watched Becoming Jane. A delightful little flick :)

Thank you Ryan and Meredith for a wonderful visit…and to Audrey too!

Photo album here.