Raleigh, NC: Back Again!

Our first time through Raleigh, we had a wonderful dinner with Jen, Patrick, Luke, and Lauren…but we were short on time and were only able to spend a few hours with them! We knew we wanted to spend a little more time getting to know this great family when we came back through.

Jen graciously offered to pick us up from the airport when we flew in from Minneapolis. We landed safely, found Jen, arrived at their house and enjoyed a wonderful meal. We spent the night in their guest room…which is something we haven’t done for awhile on the road (we’re always in our RV!). We had a great time making green smoothies (and talking about raw food eatin’!) together the next day before we headed off to Florence.

Jen dropped us off at our car (parked at Bart’s work)…and we found that the battery was deader than dead. After quite some time, we got it running and we were off! It was a quick but GREAT visit with Jen and her family.

Photo album here. Both visits included in this set.

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